It’s no one’s fault that your child developed diabetes. No one did anything wrong and no one can avoid the development of diabetes. Our goal is to support your child throughout adolescence to adulthood and to offer support to the entire family as well. We offer individualized therapeutic approaches for optimal metabolic control of diabetes, to foster acceptance of diabetes, and to achieve a normal psychosocial and physical development. To accomplish these goals, we use the newest techological advances, for example insulin pumps. To achieve optimal metabolic control, we counsel our patients not only in quarterly visits but also in between visits by individualized electronic consultations. To achieve patient autonomy and to build patient and parental expertise, we offer workshops and exchange of information among parents via discussions and supportive services, for example Swiss Diabetes Kids.

Patients in our care can pick up the necessary supplies and medications directly at our dispensary. The prices correspond to the reimbursements by health insurance. Ideally, you write us an email prior to your visit listing all the materials needed during the next 3 months. The following list helps to estimate your needs.